Share Structure

Name of the Company Texxon Oil
Under the laws of USA
Secretary of State E0396822014-5
Tax Number - Tax ID 7-1509861
Total authorized shares 100,000,000
Par value $0.00001
Type of shares Common shares
Currency USD
Issued and outstanding 16,500,000 (per July 2016)
Options and outstanding warrants 0,000
Fully diluted 21,500,000 (per July 2016)

Main advantages of Texxon Oil

  • The management consists of experienced and respected individuals with international network of contacts in the financial world and an exclusive access to new projects.
  • The company sits in a development track for oil pricing. As prices continue to rise, so does Texxon Oil’s value.
  • Close to initiating an IPO, we’re therefore favorably priced compared to our competitors.
  • Texxon Oil has access to capital and financing options, which allows for the expansion of old projects and development of new ones.
  • Through contacts and network, we’ve an unfettered access to projects which have an ideal cost-income ratio.
  • Our company will benefit from a positive trend thanks to the globally positive development of international exchanges.
  • We’re in contact with the best financial professionals and market makers, who can generate significant attention for Texxon Oil once the company is publicly traded.