Double Hill

Location: Texas | Formation: 4'500 feet

Double Hill is a production facility thriving on our existing partnerships with professional and experienced partners. What distinguishes the Double Hill Lease from other projects is the fact that it is located on a so-called "Ellenburger-High". This means that the formation is higher than the surrounding areas and there are at least 3 additional zones associated with Double Hill where more oil can be produced. Since oil is always "floating" in an oil-bearing formation, is the most productive area of any possible formation.

Double Hill is unrivalled in the production arena having yielded positive results at exploration. In a mere few months since launch we’re seeing a credible revenue, liquidity and an increased company value resource. In addition, the Double Hill Lease has two existing drill holes, which were not completed but seem to have great potential. Considering the typical high cost of drilling and exploring an oil source, the cost of a well in this case is significantly lower. Our team expects to be able to complete both wells for about USD 250,000, which represents a 50% cost savings.

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Soldier Creek

Location: Alabama | Area: more than 3500 acres

Soldier Creek is an incredible project with a great deal to offer. Over the last three years over $ 1.8 million has already been invested in this area. Geological testing shows a resource of 20.2 BCF (billion cubic feet) of confirmed natural gas reserves. Our Texxon Oil board member and chief geologist assumes that natural gas reserves in this area can be substantially higher. With 30 years’ experience in his field and board member of Alabama State’s oil and gas commission, we’re in great hands.

The drilling sites for the next 12 sources have already been clearly defined and prepared, around four specific surrounding zones. Soldier Creek sits on the bleeding edge of technology with a competitive streak in drilling and production techniques; all cost-effective, all fully operational with the potential to at least double our reserves. The overall value of the total existing deposits could amount to a value of over 130 million dollars with current market prices. Our goal is to expand the existing source from approximately 20 BCF to 50 BCF.

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