Why should I invest in oil?

We’re a global company with a local mind-set. Having already acquired several new properties, we’re expanding exponentially. Investing in oil allows you to diversify your investment portfolio. Diversification of investment portfolios allows you in increase your chances in making a profit. Investing in oil is appealing due to large potential returns and the numerous tax benefits.

When is the right time to invest in oil?

Thanks to an uptick in energy, we’re seeing continuous trending over the next 5-10 years. There’s never been a better time to invest in energy. Now is the best time to consider making investment in oil and gas! Do you want to be a part of a growing movement to continually develop historically active properties?

Oil and gas prices are continuing to rise. Analysis and data helps companies to find areas that may be success which can reduce the risk investors may encounter. Texxon Oil uses 3D seismic technologies to understand not just the marketplace but the landscape too. Thinking of investing now? Benefits can include tax deductions. You should always consult Financial Advisors and/or Legal Advisor.

Is there risk when investing in oil?

The energy market drives the marketplaces of the world on an almost minute-by-minute basis. If you are thinking about investing in oil, you should understand that YES, this type of investment does have risks, but there are many ways to reduce these risks. Thanks to advances in technology, choosing the right area to drill, and having a large educated team of geologists and geophysicists; risk could be significantly reduced.

All investments contain some risk, and in today’s changing world the safe-haven of bonds are not as safe as they used to be. However, at Texxon Oil, our experience speaks for itself. We take a majority of the working interest in most of our projects to help insure operational control.

How much of my investment portfolio should I use for oil and gas investments?

This obviously depends on each person’s situation, but many of our first-time investors start with approximately 5-percent of their net liquid assets, and can grow from that base to much higher amounts, depending on their particular investment criteria and cash flow needs.

In today’s low interest rate environment and at a time when the stock market is mostly wobbling sideways, that oil and gas investments offer the potential for substantially higher returns than the alternatives. With the long-term trend in place of more worldwide demand for crude oil and diminishing reserves, we believe this is the best place to invest for the next several decades.

How long do Shale Wells produce

Shale oil wells have an inherent characteristic. They produce large volumes of oil quickly, so it’s important to be in these prospects from the beginning. Then, after a few years of high production, they settle into a flow that can last for decades. Also, because of developing technology, many wells can be reworked to further stimulate higher production from an existing wellbore.

Are all of your wells horizontal?

No. This is one of our clear advantages and part of our conservative strategy. We care about your investment and our local focus. Horizontal wells are expensive to drill and complete, although prices are coming down. Our team has always done well with conservative vertical wells in proven areas. However, we do examine drilling on a case by case basis using only the most up to date advice from our team of experts. If a project demands a different approach, we always consider all possibilities.

How can I learn more?

Thinking about investing? Talk to us! Take a look at our curated projects and speak to one of our consultants or financial advisors.