Company overview

Texxon Oil specializes in the development and production of new oil and gas fields. Our projects are exclusively based in the United States and only the most advanced technologies and methods are used for extraction. We bring projects to production. It’s our mission to increase shareholder value by producing existing resources while continuously expanding proven reserves.

We have a variety of projects that are either in production or will be producing within a few months. One of the main advantages of working with us is having access to new and high quality projects on a regular basis. It’s our mission to place particular importance on the preservation of the environment; therefore avoiding questionable extraction methods such as ‘horizontal fracking‘.

Texxon Oil owns the rights to several existing oil projects and generating a cash flow and profit for the company. Through the current private placement process, the company is currently making a pre-IPO financing round to make further acquisitions and to bring existing projects into production.

The attractiveness of the current financing round is very promising, and the forthcoming IPO will bring a financially appealing exit strategy for new investors. We’re leading the field with our expert research, production and logistic methodologies. On an expansion course and in addition to being listed in America, Texxon Oil will have a co-listing in Europe on Euronext and on the London Stock Exchange.

We’re a company which can potentially be very profitable for investors. The timing for investing in oil and natural gas could not be better - energy is a basic need. A life without oil would be impossible these days. It takes at least one generation to replace oil with alternative energy methods. Until then, many experts are expecting rapidly rising oil prices in the coming years.

Main advantages of Texxon Oil

  • The management consists of experienced and respected individuals with international network of contacts in the financial world and an exclusive access to new projects.

  • The company sits in a development track for oil pricing. As prices continue to rise, so does Texxon Oil’s value.

  • Close to initiating an IPO, we’re therefore favorably priced compared to our competitors.

  • Texxon Oil has access to capital and financing options, which allows for the expansion of old projects and development of new ones.

  • Through contacts and network, we’ve an unfettered access to projects which have an ideal cost-income ratio.

  • Our company will benefit from a positive trend thanks to the globally positive development of international exchanges.

  • We’re in contact with the best financial professionals and market makers, who can generate significant attention for Texxon Oil once the company is publicly traded.